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Madoka Magica: Homura
From 24th January 2010 this livejournal became Friends Only / Friends Locked / or whatever name you want to give it.

  • I probably forgot to re-add someone, if you are that someone, please coment here - i didn't ment to cut you, just... forgot to add you.
  • About my interests, well one day I'll make a post on my interests, but they are mostly around stuff like anime, manga, yaoi, slash, star trek (TOS, Reboot), books, crazy stuff, vampires, RPGs, and did I said BoysLove? Yeah, probably I did.
  • Please, this is my journal so, the respect toward me and others is the first thing you have to keep in mind, I won't have problems removing you from my FL if you fail at being respectful
  • this is defenetly a temporary FO banner, but for now it will be ok
  • I would really like to know from where are you like: TAFL, TFL, Amassment or any other community I'm part of

placeholder @tcg_exchange!
BeruBara: Oscar and Andre
With the day 26th March 2012 I started collecting TCG with tcg_exchange.
I'm just starting so I don't have many cards.

Last updated on 23.November 2012

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Sailor Moon - Sailor Saturn (2)


This is the Sailor Moon Land, it's a nice community where you can meet lot of awesome people (I did) and during 3 months long battle you compete in lot of fun stuff like iconing and other graphic stuff or writing drabbles or longer fics or even writing songs and poems. I really find myself ok there surrounded by friendly people. If you decide to join, tell them that criminalqueen of outers sent you in. The battle VIII just started!

OH Oh Outers, Team that Won the Battle VII - Banners for things I personally won along with my teamCollapse )

Sailor Moon Land
Sailor Moon - Sailor Pluto (1) - time st

This is the Sailor Moon Land, it's a nice community where you can meet lot of awesome people (I did) and during 3 months long battle you compete in lot of fun stuff like iconing and other graphic stuff or writing drabbles or longer fics or even writing songs and poems. I really find myself ok there surrounded by friendly people. If you decide to join, tell them that criminalqueen of outers sent you in

I got for battle VICollapse )

Sailor Moon - Sailor Saturn (1)

Sailormoonland is an interactive team community for the fans of Sailormoon. There are three teams, which for the most part you can choose to join: Team Inners, Team Outers, and Team Chaos. You will be encouraged to participate in activities, earn points for your team, and hold both in-team and across-team discussions and parties and other fun things. To get the best experience at Sailormoonland, please ensure you have some basic concepts of how communities are run.
Here is the application post

I'm part of the team outers, and I'm really happy there XD It's a great comunity. I was stamped as Venus, and I won Chibiusa Award and I'm also the Outer of May 2011!


tv shows to watch!
Madoka Magica: Homura
So yeah, I have marathoned 7 seasons of NCIS, not to say I'm watching all the seasons of most of all the Star Trek (+ movies): tos, enterprise, ds9, still need to re-watch voyager, and I don't think I'll re-watch TNG, it's probably the one I really don't like, because well the captain and his number one sometimes are really I want yo kill! But my mom making fun of me because I watch to much Star Trek, made me think that maybe I should watch something else too.

And here it is:

Poll #1576632 TV Shows to watch

So what do you think I should watch

Legend of the Seeker
Other (leave your idea in the comment)

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latest month of my life
Madoka Magica: Homura

For whole December I didn’t touch this journal, and it’s time to do some serious writing now, because there has happened a lot from the last post I did.

So let’s start at the beginning or at least from November. It has happen quite a lot from that moment.

23. November 2009 – Saya graduates from university of Public Relations with a vote of 95/110 – not bad for a person who always had to struggle to not get F. But in the end I did it, a whole month before my birthday, I wanted to graduate before my 30ies, but I managed a month before my 29th birthday, so I’m quite proud of myself, and I also promised to my fiancé that I would finish University in 3 years, and I did so.

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1. December 2009 – my partner’s birthday, 31st, so he is growing old as he says, I say bullshit, he is a male so he doesn’t actually have problems with things like we females have.

18. December 2009 – I went to watch Avatar with my manwife, my brother and friends and it was awesome, really, I’m addicted

23. December 2009 – my 29th birthday, I was rotten spoiled by my friends, I got a cake in cat form for birthday, I got also a knife and some books and I didn’t drink because I was driving but I was happy anyway.

Photos of ze BirthdayCollapse )

25. December 2009 – Merry Christmas to everybody even if it’s already 2010? I got myself a present – Agenda 2010, so I can write my appointments in it.

my chrtimas present to myselfCollapse )

27. December 2009 – I went to re-watch Avatar in 3D (now I need to see it in 6D) with other friends, and we almost were left without a ticket, it was 8 of us and we really get lucky and got the 8 last tickets, but it rocked anyway

31. December 2009 and  1. January 2010 (night time) – so we were 6 people at the apartment where I’ll go to live when I’ll have a job and be able to provide for myself.  Around 2am in the morning I had to take away alcohol from my best friend and her sister because they were so done, that I had to make them drink an alcoholic stuff because they wouldn’t resist till morning, and then we played texas Poker – I lost… fortunately we didn’t played for money.

few photos of the ending 2009 and begining 2010Collapse )

1. January 2010 evening – My boyfriend after naturally I commented on the fact that 2010 is a good number to do something about, because it’s easier to count like I was born at the end of 1980… it’s easier to count… I graduated from high school on 2000, I know this year it’s the 10th anniversary… he got a clue and proposed to me… and we decided the date: September 10th or 11th (depends on where we are getting married)

And one last thing: I stopped smoking at the end of November, and I haven’t touched a cigarette in a month… I’m not out of it yet, but at least I’m enduring with only my power of will.

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Madoka Magica: Homura


And in these days there shall be a LONG post about few important moments of my life!

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because Saya is a little kid...
Star Trek - Kirk (ORLY)
You know... sometimes I'm really a little kid and not a woman that in a month and something will have 29 years - and hell no I'm not ashamed to be an ol' lady and still loving maga/anime/webdesigning and everything, and I'm not offended even if you think I should be ashamed really... I like it, I like myself as I am and... it's my fun and i'll keep doing it till I die...

Now... to explain why I'm a little kid, and maybe to rant a little too, because without fun and rant there is no real life.

yesterday we went to Ikea that opened nearby, my boyfriend was already all in the bad mood, but i tired to be all fun and smiling and everything... well we went to that HUGE Ikeda where there were like 1008364958769058907 people and we looked at stuff, than, I stoped near some stuff I really liked because - they WERE BOOKSHELLS... and I love them thinking how I would love to have them for my mangas and books... well, I got totaly taken over them... that... I GOT LOST... I turned around and my boyfriend and our friend weren't there anymore... and I was like TOTAL panic and went running around searching for them in the most obvious places I tought they would be... after an hour and half (and me squeeing at a giant panda and shark peluche and loving little bonsais that I didn't bought - next time I will) I got a sms that they were at the car - I run there and arrived and he had the face to actualy treat me badly in front of others and then in the car, I was sitting behind and the friend in front, my boyfriend said: "what, aren't you talking?" and I was like: "I shall not comunicate with you, till you are in bad mood" and didn't spoke a word till we got to the friend's home - then my boyfriend got the clue that if he doesn't change his attitude "bad mood, i'm all corky" I would not speak to him, and so he tried to be nice and we went to see other stuff and do some grocery shopping and then came home and did some dinner, and then we got visits... and I was all proud of me that I didn't argue, but got my way just being silent... yay for me - but yeah,... I agree that it was something of a looser to get lost in Ikea.

I'm also helping mitzrael with secret santa *O*/ yay and... doing also holiday layout for mugetsu *O*/

...just little talk...
Madoka Magica: Homura
I think I should write like a long post on how happy and realised I feel after today and everything... but I don't think I'm able to do so, so i'll just write something completly not interesting as always in a short post and maybe I'll do the to-read-list and also to-watch-list, and why not a to-do-list.

As my mom said 10 minutes ago: "don't tell me now you don't know what to do because you have to much time..." and I just looked at her and didn't tell that actually I have so many things to do that I don't know where to begin with them... besides I'm like out of inspiration.

Ok Let's begin here: today i went and took my thesis out of print and finally I brought it to the secretariat at the university - they told me that I'll know exact day and time for me to defend it on 16th-17th, I'm hoping I'll be on 23rd, because I have my surname with C, and besides people are coming over and well they'll come anyway because so we can see, and I'll do a private defending thesis for them if the uni screws my date) - it's actualy really beautiful... it's cover is black and it's written in silver on it <- my two favorite colors.

I'm working slowly on the new look for, while still thinking wtf to do with, it's still my first domain, I don't know if I'll be able to give it away or something. But still I'll move stuff to, and maybe do some blog or something like that with, idk, rly.

And now what happened this weekend - around 2pm on saturday... I got drunk... in a drinking contest with my mother in law... and I won... I was only drunk and all giggly, she felt sick, vomited 2 times and fell asleep... I just eat like to much pizza and then I was ok X°°°°D and around 8pm I was already cooking dinner for 8 people... I feel proud of myself...

Now... ze lists... probably will defenetly forget something

  • clean my room (I didn't touch it from the moment I begun writing the thesis)
  • do a decent layout for Kyouya x Tamaki
  • Try to cut on my fanlistings
  • work on my girl shrine
  • move the fanlistings to
  • Bleach
  • Naruto (catch up)
  • FMA
  • D.Gray Man
  • Hikaru no Go (re-read)
  • Nodame Cantabile
  • Trinity Blood
  • Saint Seiya Lost Canvas (even if the first volumes are like... "already seen that")
  • 07-Ghost
  • The tales of otori (I'm like having them over a year and didn't have time to do so)
  • Inheritance triology (need to find eragon book and re-read it before begin the second and third, idk who i lend it too...)
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn (need to catch up again)
  • Haruhi Suzumiya (watched first two already)
  • Avatar: the last airbender (dresstokill it's your fault)
  • Kobato
  • Tales of Abyss
  • Bleach: Fade to black
  • 07-Ghost
  • Hetalia (I watched just the few first)
  • G00S2
Somebody has to add something to my to watch or to read? Comment and tell, me I think I'll have plenty of time after 23rd... and books are welcome too.



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